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The Founder

True happiness comes from bringing a smile to someone else’s face.

The founders of Clarity to Charity are Mr. Manit Shah and Mr. Mehaan Shah.

Manit is passionate about drumming and rightly invests his time in physical activities like Gyming and Sports such as Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Skiing and Golf. He has always tried his hand in exploring new and different things.

Mehaan enjoys playing and watching football. He is a big Formula 1 fan. He has a great affinity towards music, and spends a lot of time playing the drums and the guitar. He is part of multiple bands too and has performed at many concerts. He also enjoys travelling the world and exploring new cultures and food.

Mr. Manit Shah’s recent philanthropic experiences include visiting Odisa for a Cyclone Relief camp where he raised funds for the Mayurbhanj foundation and ran the prestigious Tata Mumbai Marathon with “The Foundation” by Rahul Bose. Mr. Shah has been teaching English, Home Science, geography, History and Environmental cautiousness in Dharamshala, Sherab Gatsel Lobling School (Managed by: The Sambhota Tibetan Schools Society).

Mr. Mehaan Shah has taken part in numerous Community Outreach Programs that have made a lasting impact on society. He was a part of The Salaam Bombay Foundation and worked with children from underprivileged backgrounds. He was also a part of the fundraiser for the Concern India Foundation by Fit4 Concern. These funds were used towards strengthening the PHC (primary health care centres) systems in the rural pockets to blunt the ongoing impact of COVID 19 on the health and well-being of millions. He helped raised funds for the Kavach organization through an online music concert held in 2021 called ‘Passion for Compassion’. The organization aims to distribute sanitary hygiene kits to underprivileged women across the state. He currently works with the Toybank Foundation. This foundation supports underprivileged children from all over Maharashtra. He works with the children, plays games with them and teaches them various skills (such as drawing, singing, etc.).

Mr. Manit and Mr. Mehaan are motivated towards spreading awareness about the poor social conditions around us and are compassionate and considerate towards helping the needy. This caused the birth of Clarity to Charity, a platform that makes the process of supporting different causes way simpler and smoother by the digital means of our website and blogs.

One of the founding pillars of the CMC is to make a difference to the lives of those in need.

What started by PDS Foundation in 1936 as a step towards making Panthawada, Gujarat a better place has resulted in changing the world for those living there, right from hospitals to education, from cleanliness to basic necessities.

CMC now extends its compassion to give… to you!

Presenting CLARITY TO CHARITY. A platform that provides a comprehensive list of NGOs for you to choose and donate to the cause that you feel strongly towards.

Just a little step supporting the belief that charity should be easy and convenient so the process for help to reach becomes faster.

Find the NGO you connect the most with and go ahead, make someone smile. Because truly, there’s no better feeling.


Clarity to Charity is determined to smoothen and simplify the process of reaching out to the ones in need. A platform where an individual or a corporate entity can find the cause they feel the most for and donate to an NGO related to it. Just a small step to support the belief that charity should be easy and convenient, so that the aim to help those in need, is achieved faster.


A world where helping someone should be just as easy as thinking about it. Our society has many areas of improvement but not enough helping hands, which is why Clarity to Charity wants to extend its compassion to give you, by making the kind deed of charity, hassle-free.

Working Model

Clarity to Charity is where a helping heart can find its cause and join hands with an NGO that fulfills it. We have 10 different supports listed that are backed by the top 10 NGOs. We give donors an opportunity to choose and support what they feel the need to help the most. We aim to turn the thought of doing charity into a valued donation.

Reach and Presence

Clarity to Charity aims to cater to All of India with our strong foundation of compassion, empathy and the drive to help those in need. From touching on different social problems to associating with NGOs that make a solid difference in society, we focus on leaving no stone unturned to make the world a better place.

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